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Protect Yourself & Other with Tree Risk Assessments

Did you know that trees are one of the greatest risks to the public in parks, recreation, resort, and golf areas? People are seriously injured or killed by falling trees or limbs more often than you may think. Likewise, property damage is also a concern. Tree risk assessments exist to help prevent these unfortunate incidents.

As a property owner, you have a duty to prevent weakened, dead, and dangerous trees from causing injuries to passersby. For everyone’s benefit, you should trim branches that become too large, remove dead or diseased trees, and regularly inspect trees to determine if they are at risk of falling. If you fail to take these reasonable steps, you may be financially liable for injuries that occur as a result.

A tree hazard expert can give you valuable insight into the dangers of your property’s trees. However, you have a choice for when that meeting occurs: before an accident or after. You can meet an expert at your convenience to learn what preventive measure you should take—or you can meet an expert while they are on the stand explaining why you’re at fault for the victim’s injuries. The first meeting takes a day and a few thousand dollars; the second meeting takes about a week and can cost several million dollars. Contact us today to protect yourself and others by scheduling an assessment.

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